About ARTBY13

artby13 is a visual exploratory project that is ever evolving, branching out and revisiting new territories as the happening unfolds.  Although we are each unique individuals, we are all tied to the collective, and as such share a collective understanding.  The visual images are meant to be a fluid and uncontrolled channeling of consciousness converted to a tangible art form.

Each piece reflects a dynamic human artist with a mental, physical, and emotional perspective located in non-static space time.  Despite our undeniable individuality, we are one.  There is no target audience or specific style.  I myself am however, drawn to illustration, word play, and both free ranging substrates and mediums.  Currently, I am primarily working in acrylic paint concentrated on small scale canvas, metal, recycled trash, and wood panels. I find delight in play/experimentation, and ongoing studies of my favorite visual artists.

This project inspired by divinity and necessity, was birthed on Friday the 13th, 1987, my birthday. My interests include music, philosophy, iconography, history, literature, science, religion, mythology, art, culture, sociology, Jungian psychology, and the great unknown. These works exist between tragedy and humor, truth and fiction, boundaries and full absorption, insecurity and self-validation, love and hatred; all driven by non-censored free thinking.  The artistic endeavor seeks to both verbally and non-verbally question the audience and myself simultaneously.  Do we speak the same language?

I utilize artwork to allow empty space within myself to practice control in a chaotic reality.  A blend of intentional and subconscious desires is released in a therapeutic display of concepts, emotions, and statements imperative to the heart and soul.  Each piece pays tribute to evolution with a basis in the mathematical concept of infinity.

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